Terms & Conditions

Cancelation and Rescheduling policy

To cancel an order, please provide us 48 hours notice in advance (2 full days).

Payment will be returned as credit subject to deduction of customized items including but not limited to acrylic or flowers.

Cancelations of less than 24 hours will result in 50% credit voucher only.

No refunds will be given for minor color or design discrepancies/variations.

No refunds will be given if the customer has received the order and consumed it and complaining that the product received is not up to their expectations. 

Dark Colors Disclaimer

(For dessert orders that involve dark reds, blues, purples, or black colors)

Dark food coloring on desserts has the potential to stain linens, clothing, furniture, and teeth upon contact. Maya Delices cannot be held liable for issues resulting from the choice of dark color(s). Maya Delices will strive to accurately match color choices, however some color tones, especially deep reds, vibrant blues, and violet tones, and tiffany may not be an exact match due to the natural base colors of cake, frosting and decorating ingredients. Deep colors require a significant amount of food coloring, which may adversely affect the flavor and quality of desserts.

Religious Dietary Information

All of our products at Maya Delices are halal. We do not use alcohol in any of our products. The white vinegar we use in some of our products (red velvet especially) is distilled white vinegar and not white wine vinegar. If you do not eat eggs, then please check the eggless sponge options.

To ensure your products do not include eggs please consult the Maya Team via WhatsApp before placing your orders.

And for any allergy issues we recommend consulting Maya Team via WhatsApp 38387245 before placing the order.

Delivery policy

Maya Delices products are handcrafted fresh and made to order, so same day delivery might not be available.  

Maya Delices is not responsible for delays due to weather, mechanical error, natural disasters or inaccurate delivery information and theft at customers' location after delivery.

Customers are responsible for checking that all delivery information is correct before submitting an order as well as in their order confirmation email. Once a package has been sent for delivery, the address cannot be altered.

There are no returns, modifications, or cancellations allowed on any orders once it has left for delivery.


In the event that a customer fails to pick up an order, it is the customer’s responsibility, not ours, that arrangements are made to pick up during normal business hours. These hours are posted on several pages of our website, on Google and other search engines as well as our social media pages.

There will be NO REFUND made for any orders that were not picked up.  Further, we reserve the right to resell the items or donate them to the charity of our choice.  If alerted in advance we can store your cake in our freezer until the following business day.  Should it not be picked up the next day as well we will be donating the item to charity.

In an effort to be available for emergencies, we make every attempt to keep the business phone on and someone available to answer it for one hour after closing, in the event we have an unclaimed order that day (we may not always be able to provide this courtesy). After that hour, if we have still not heard from you the order is posted for resell or donated, whichever applies. 

Client Responsibility/Transport

All products are the client’s responsibility upon leaving the bakery, unless we are delivering it.

We ask customers to please keep in mind that cakes are very fragile and damages can happen if not handled properly – including cracks, smudges and melted frosting.

 Please drive carefully; place the cake flat in the car, and keep in a cool climate

The summer season in Bahrain gets extremely humid and hot, which are a risk to cake and icing if not handled properly. We keep all orders refrigerated, and recommend that clients do the same, especially during hot summer months, to keep the cake cool and make it much easier to transport without damage. Leaving the cake to sit out at room temperature for 30 minutes will soften the icing.

Do not leave cake sitting outside for any length of time, even for a party. It will melt, and can melt in less than 20 minutes in higher temperatures.

Do not place your cake on the car seat, as it is not leveled or flat. Doing so will cause the cake to slide and be damaged.

Do not leave your cake in the car while running other errands. If the sun is out, the interior of your car is likely much warmer than the outside, and the cake will melt.

Do not place your cake on the counter near your stove, and then use the stove to cook food. Although keeping many types of cakes at room temperature is perfectly okay, the heat and/or moisture from the stove will cause the room temperature to rise and the cake/frosting to melt and fall apart.

Do not place your cake in a sun-lit area including when left on a table, or counter, in a climate-cooled room. If sitting in direct sunlight from a window, a cake will get too warm and melt over time.

 If you are not sure of the proper transport and care of the cake, kindly ask us.

Change in Order Delivery Address

There will be a BD 2 charge in change of order delivery address for any changes that are requested on the same day of the delivery.

Edible Images

Image editing

·         We do not offer touch up or color adjustments.  Minor cropping of images may occur in order to fit image to the cake/space available on the ordered product.

Additional Notes

·         Image will be printed as on a “what is given” basis.

·         Images are reproduced using edible ink food colors and therefore some distortion in the color from the original image is possible

·         Edible image quality will depend on the image size and quality of the original photo provided

·         For images delivered to us in person, we cannot guarantee return of image in exact condition.  If image is lost or damaged we claim no responsibility for replacement or restoration of original image.


We have worked hard to create the unique flavors and combinations that make our products special and because of this we regret that we are unable to accommodate modifications to our menu items (including the addition or omission of an additional ingredient (nuts, jam.. etc), featured in our products.

Stock policy

Our stock fluctuates throughout the day with sales demand and stock that we receive from vendors. If an item you ordered is out of stock, we will first try to contact the customer either by phone or via email. We will give you other comparable choices to choose from.


We require that all orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed: on our website, in-store or over the phone/WhatsApp. 

Font Customisation Disclaimer

Fonts cannot be customized and the art team will choose the best options matching the theme of the order.

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